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Jan 25, 2013 11:00pm EST
,. >> they will prepare for the super bowl. it will provide a handy teaching tool. michael vick is one of the most mobile qb's in the nfl. the washington redskins version , rg iii. knocked him out of the game with a knee injury are. he has some of rg iii posing flair -- rg iii's player. let's hope they are ready for everything. >> it is a good combination of a lot of those guys in some ways. he is not like exactly like either one. he has traits that are similar to both. we have looked at those gains in check to make sure we correct the things we did not do very well in those games. >> had some huge hits in the championship game, including this one. that hit will cost them a lot more than 15 yards. it will call him 16 grand and then some. he picked up the penalty and the fine because of the helmet contact with the receiver. super bowl xlvii is nine days away. it will be broadcast in 32 languages. the university of miami wins the school with the most players in the game for this year's super bowl. halftime shows have come a long way. the first super bowl halftime show consisted of the university of arizona
Jan 23, 2013 11:35pm PST
. one more. who has more followers, pit bull or michael vick? [ laughter ] well, pit bull has 8.4 million. michael vick 1.7. so the dog wins. congratulations. around 2/3 of the country are suffering from freezing cold temperatures right now. scientists say it's due to a strange phenomenon called january. [ laughter ] new england and wisconsin got down to zero degrees today. in minnesota, it's negative 40 tonight. i have a pretty simple rule about this sort of thing. if it gets down to negative 40, move. i move. it was also very cold in toledo this morning. around 19 degrees. a local reporter at the nbc affiliate there went out to cover the cold and he conducted an interesting experiment, which earned him tonight's award for excellence in recordinporting. >> this actually isn't hot coffee. it's hot water i picked up at the gas station. let's see if question make any snow. see if it's cold enough for this to happen. hopefully i didn't leave this in the truck too long. oh, yeah, that didn't work. [ applause ] >> jimmy: most of the country is freezing right now. but it wasn't perfec
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Jan 19, 2013 11:30am PST
the world about his sex addiction. he returned to golf making millions and n.f.l. quarterback michael vick, publicly apologizing for his mistreatment of dogs. vick returned to play in the n.f.l. after jail time also making millions. actor turned california governor airing out dirty laundering fathering a child with one of one of his workers, he is back to making movies and bill clinton for misleading the people admitting encounters with monica lewinsky. propping up the democratic party making appearances and making millions. so what about lance armstrong? is it rosie for him now? >> he moved he was a sociopath and i looked up cheating in the dictionary and i wasn't. hats off to oprah, that was a good tough interview, boom, boom boom, yes or no. exactly armstrong clearly wasn't ready. >> i think lance armstrong has exceeded by date. it was so obvious what he had done and
Jan 12, 2013 10:00pm PST
, it is collin caberknack's world and we are living in it, he shattered the mark held by michael vick. let's look at young collin caberknack in action and jim har bow let him go and what a start for him. a pick six to sam shields. green bay is on top. 7-0 and it was shocking. all throughout the stadium. mccaver knack made up and nobody open and do it with my legs, how about a 20-yard touchdown, rushed for 181 yards and threw for 262 and two touchdowns to michael crabtree as the 9ers win 45-31, caberknack makes history tonight. >>> i mean it is a great accolade. our team did a great job, runningbacks doing amazing jobs. >>> in your wildest dreams did you think you would have a rushing effort like you did as a team? >> the lines did a great job. >> had a great week of preparation. they played very poised. i thought they competed like maniacs and we get another week of work. >>> all right. so as we go back to you, ann, here is the situation. seattle is playing atlanta tomorrow, if seattle wins, the nfc championship game will be right here in this stadium, if atlanta wins, the 49ers will have to get
Jan 12, 2013 11:30pm PST
elevated himself in the national football league. >> forget rg3 and forget cam newton. forget michael vick. this is a guy ho is setting a new paradigm as a quarterback. how you run that read option and he strong. he is fast. and he is something to watch. >> sure is. >> thank you, fred. >>> thank you, fred, bart today decided to delay maintenance work this evening that would have caused major delays for fans heading to and from the niners game. a spokesperson says the work was uptowned from 8:00 to start at 10:00 tonight. to accommodate all the increase in passengers. riders who use bart after 10:00 tonight may experience some delays and some you may need to transfer trains to reach your destination. >> i hope it's a game changer. >>> coming up a little bit later at 10:30, protecting players on the gridiron. the pioneering study being done at stanford that aims to unlock the mystery behind concussion. >>> another live report on the 49ers coming up at 10:30, but right now we want to tell you about the flu, which is on the rise across the country. a bay area hospital is taking precautions
Jan 17, 2013 6:00pm PST
french. you represented michael vick, who i have interviewed, and very powerful interview at the time. in lance armstrong's case, the scale of deception is so great, the scale of lying is so great, the scale of the treachery to so many people is so great, and after that, the bullying and nastiness and the suing, is there any way back for lance armstrong? >> well, piers, if he thought the climb up the pyrenees was difficult, he's going to find the climb to regain his reputation is even worse. in reality, we love to tear our heroes down. it happens, you know, quite frequently when somebody, you know, gets to a point where you look at the tiger woods situation or barry bonds or many other athletes. but the problem that lance has is very simple. in michael vick's case, if you use him as an example, mike had the ability to get back on the field and show he could still be an elite athlete, and he also became an advocate for -- >> rick, if i could interrupt you there, we have got breaking video now of lance armstrong confessing. >> yes or no, did you ever take banned substances to enhance yo
Jan 10, 2013 5:00am EST
quarterback michael vick is headed to jail. a judge in montgomery county, virginia, ordered marcus to spend five days in jail for failing to produce documentation of his financial status. contempt of court sentence stems from a civil case over $40,000 promissory note/ it's the latest round of legal troubles for the former miami dolphins player. >> robert griffin iii is on the road to recovery after he underwent surgery to repair two knee ligaments. he's expected to be sidelined for the next several months. his doctor says it is everybody's "hoped and believed" that he will be ready for the 2013 season. >> if you see a seattle flag- waving above the wilson building downtown today, d.c. mayor vincent gray is paying up on a bet that he made with the mayor of seattle over the redskins versus seahawks game. mayor gray espying seattle's flag over the wilson building -- is flying the flag of seattle. >> and he is expected to announce the naming of a park after chuck brown. later this morning he will sign a bill into law to remain a part of langdon park as chuck brown moorpark. and there will be a
Jan 17, 2013 6:00pm EST
, will it be successful in the nfl? he did not answer the question to whether michael vick will be back. you can be rest assured that he will -- norv turner, the former head cough for the chargers and redskins, the new offensive coordinator for the cleveland browns. that will do it from heave at verizon center, where the capitals are having an open scrimmage. come on down, get a look at them be >>> coming up next, one giant golden nugget. the discovery is next. >>> okay. doug, one more check? >> yeah, one more check. this storm is just south of us. just south of fredericksburg they're getting hammer. take a look at us -- nothing. just south of fredericksburg, even spotsylvania county, you're seeing rain and snow move in. look at the lightning. they are see thundersnow down there. it did not make its way all the way up here. the radar picture is showing it change over. we will see it change over here. the high of only 38 tomorrow. this weekend nice a high of 47 bettered real cold moves in next week. >>> we still have plenty of winter yet. >> yeah. >> i just want some snow. >> same here. >> just head sout
Jan 17, 2013 8:00am PST
, the problem comes when a michael vick or a tiger woods keeps denying, denying, keeps parsing statements and keeps challenging the press and they keep digging and digging and it goes on and on and on. lance has problems. there's a big suit against the u.s. postal service team for fraudulently collecting $11 million. he's got his case, he wants to come back and be a try athlete. he's got lifetime sanctions against him. he's got to resolve that if he's ever going to be a functional athlete again. >> he has reportedly he somewhere around $125 million net worth. so he could ostensibly get through the litany of litigation that he could potentially face from any sort of confession that we might witness tonight but i want to you go further. how far is too far to come back? i mean, murder is one thing. o.j. simpson never came back after being convicted in a civil court of being responsible for the death of his ex-wife. but how far is too far when you're lying and destroying other people to continue your lies? can you really come back from that? >> i don't know. michael miliken defrauded millions
FOX Business
Jan 16, 2013 8:00pm EST
and beavis amazing cyclist again. i don't see that happening. >> we have seen it with michael vick and others areas. neil: she does raise a good point. >> he is in tomorrow but i don't think america will forgive him and i don't think a jury will either. >> they are going to look at him as a cancer patient and look what he did. >> at least $500 million -- to raise awareness for cancer, that is fantastic. many people are going to say thank you, lance, his actions will be forgiven. >> was a partly a scheme to hide money? neil: are you saying that sorry won't cover it? >> sorry will not cover it. [talking over each other] neil: when we come back, a quick quiz for you. take a guess which of these ingredients could be in your next hamburger. the sickening answer in two minutes. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they pi
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Jan 9, 2013 1:00pm PST
is pervasive in racing, the doping problem to michael vick. >> neil: i don't know. would that work is. i think that is what high hats to do but is it too late? >> lance armstrong, bullied his teammates. this is most blatant transgression in the history of sports scandals. he muscled his way to try to win his own tour de france but he throws them all under the bus. he was a level of arrogance unparalleled by other figure. and then he denies it again and again and now he is going have a sweet moment. >> neil: why is he doing it? there is a lot of money. >> he wants to compete in triathalons and get his public image. >> neil: is that what it is all about? >> he is 41 years old which is old particularly in this sport. you are almost 41, you know how old that is. >> neil: no, i'm not. >> if he wins, somebody comes back. >> neil: i'm assuming i'm not. >> i mean. >> what is he going to winning the local road race? >> neil: so you are saying he is toast. he highs as well give up now. >> the millions of dollars of sponsorship are done. the tour de france has failed. his public image and screwing around
Jan 13, 2013 8:30am PST
packers. not only did kapernick rush for an nfl play-off, he shattered the mark previously held by michael vick. jim harbah, he had a game plan and said we're going to run the ball and ride collin kapernick. yeah, he threw a pick six to open it up. gave it up to sam shields. the interception for a touchdown. he owned up to it, didn't get rattled and he was able to respond. they were down 7-0 and come roaring back. nobody open? i will take off and start running. i'm not going to stop until i go 20 yards for a touchdown. he would rush for a league record, 181 yards. here he is here, tied at 24. and then with his arm. 263 yards in the air, a couple of touchdowns to michael crabtree, 45-31, kapernick makes nfl history. >> i mean it's a great accolade and means a lot to this team. our offensive line did an amazing job, our receivers, tightens, running backs were doing an amazing job. they opened up a lot of lanes for them. >> seattle plays atlanta later atlanta later on. if seattle wince, the nfc championship game will be here next weekend. if atlanta wins, the 49ers will have to get it done on
Jan 13, 2013 7:00am PST
, and two touchdowns, besting michael vick's old record of 173 yards. after the game, the 49ers praised kaepernick, calling him a hard worker and a playmaker. kaepernick said he's just grateful for all the support. >> anytime your teammates have confidence in you, and they feel good about what you're doing, it makes you feel like you're doing the right thing. >> meantime, 49ers defensive lineman justin smith will have x-rays today to make sure he did not damage his arm. he played for the first time last night after being sidelined for three weeks with a partially torn triceps tendon. the niners' big win is great news for san francisco school kids as well, because as per tradition, mayor ed lee made a friendly wager with green bay's mayor. green bay will have to sponsor free tours for san francisco kids at the moratorium science museum when it opens in april at its new home on pier 15. mayor lee will also get a package filled can green bay delicacies, including, of course, some cheese. >>> even if the packers lost, one bay area native had a very good game. wide receiver james jones accou
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Jan 13, 2013 4:00pm PST
's important, because he was drafted in the first round to kind of resurrect the falcon franchise after michael vick had the disastrous mess that took them downward. and we're looking at the winning field goal. and the nfc championship is set. and the 9ers handled green bay last night. what kind of matchup are we talking about here? >> a good regional matchup. southeast and then the falcons and atlanta against the west coast and 49ers. jim harbaugh has a second year quarterback, colin kaepernick who ran the ball well and as a starter, and some people thought it was a foolish gamble, but worked so far, he obviously can throw the ball as well and then, you have the falcons who will be at home and i have to say it was the noiseiest i heard the georgia dome in years and they encouraged fans to make noise and maybe an advantage for the falcons when they play host to the 49ers, who were very physical defensive team and they were in last year's championship game before falling to the giants and giants went on to win the super bowl. >> quickly, before we move on. you talk about kaepernick for the 49ers
FOX News
Jan 17, 2013 7:00pm PST
anything substantial as long as it is what it is right now affecting his status. >> and michael vick after playing in the nfl, got himself in a mess and plaxico burress and a lot of players got themselves in trouble. i'm curious, when you look at the full compliment of young players out there, an awful lot of talent. if one has a personal problem, the coach considers whether or not it's sort after fleeting thing or infect the whole team over time? >> well, certainly, if you're talking about young people, anytime you're talking about transitioning in the nfl and keep in mind, these clubs are going to set, they're going to look at these young men eye to tie and they basically become partners because you're going to end up giving millions of dollars to these players, you want to to if they're going to be a good partner. they recognize that young people are young people and do stupid things at times. you have to ask yourself, whatever has gone on in a young person's life up to this point, is it exhibiting their character, you need to worry about that or just young people doing stupid things, m
Jan 13, 2013 7:30am PST
by michael vick. he said we are going to run the ball and ride colin car dick -- caferdick. interception for a touchdown but he owned up to it, did get rattled and he was able to respond. yeah, they were down 7-0 but come roaring back. nobody open? i'm going to start running. i'm not going to stop until i go 20 yards for a touchdown. he would rush for a league record 181 yards. here he is right here where they were tied at 24 and then he threw with his arm. 263 yards in the air, couple of touchdowns to michael crabtree, 45-31 car dick -- caferdick makes nfl history. >> it's a great accolade. offensive line did an amazing job, our receivers, tight ends, running backs are doing amazing jobs so they opened up a lot of lanes for us. >> seattle plays at atlanta later on. if seattle wins the nfc championship game will be right back here next weekend. if atlanta wins then the 49ers are going to have to get it done on the road. that's the story from candlestick park. back to you guys in the studio. >> it is going to be exciting. >>> friends and family bid a
Jan 18, 2013 8:00am PST
, america, about second chances, will lance get his? the comebacks of athletes like tiger woods, michael vick, kobe bryant. why is lance different from those guys? >> well, it's a great question. i think part of it is that he -- he wasn't very sympathetic last night. you know, this was not the typical oprah interview where there were tears and you felt bad for him at some point. at no point did i feel any sympathy for him in that interview. it was the same calculated person that had really put this tale of lies together for all these years. and i don't know that lance armstrong is capable of really coming off as a sympathetic person. i don't think it's in him. so it was calculated to lie all those years and in my opinion, thomas, it was calculated to finally tell the truth. >> and round two comes on own tonight. the other big story, i'd like to have you off the top of the show today, we had so much going on today, manti te'o's trouble, the notre dame linebacker who had the fake girlfriend, the death of her. people around the country posting pictures of themselves te'oing. he knew she was
Jan 18, 2013 12:00pm PST
to trust anyone. think of barry bonds, tiger woods, michael vick, lance armstrong who was disappointingly cold and uncontrite last night and i think made it all worse for himself. even saintly timmy tebow turned out to be a lame pulling himself out of the game plan when he didn't get the playing time he thought he deserved. we can't let ourselves love
Jan 25, 2013 9:00am PST
. you saw that, for instance, with napster. you see that with michael vick trying to make an example out of him. i do also think, though, i mean, what i have been most struck by is the talk about mental illness. didn't know him. i know you knew him. that also seems to be an opportunity to talk about what happened with him. he obviously committed suicide, had all of this pressure from these possible prosecution, and i think this is obviously an opportunity to talk about the ravages of mental illness. >> aaron wrote honestly and persuasively about suffering debilitating episodes of depression on his blog. i think in the wake of the -- i think when i got the news about aaron, it was -- i didn't know what role the prosecution had played in that. i think we're going to have actually tomorrow we have aaron's partner -- >> on your show. >> on our show, and she's going to be giving her first cable news interview, and talking about the role it played, and i think it really did play a big role. what i have heard from the family is that -- one thing i think i would say here is this kind of prosecut
Jan 18, 2013 9:00am PST
trips through the pyrenees in the the tour de france. if you're michael vick and you can still play quarterback when you come back. if you erie lewis, the great linebacker for new orleans, if you're charged with an access - your scandal occurs at the end of your career, there is no going back to the playing field and having it absolve all your sins, there's really nowhere for lance to go on a competitive basis, so that mai makes it difficult for him to come into the public's grace. >> maybe he does do some triathlons, if he decides to do that, is there any way that he could actually fool people again, that he might be able to cheat again if he wanted to? >> well, like jennifer anniston said on friends, once a cheater, and i think that's going to be people's expectation at the very start. it's going to be guilty until proven innocent for him for the rest of his days, no matter where it is in the public eye. whether it's a career in politics, whether it's something that he's interested in. or whether it's trying to reassume a place on the board of his cancer foundation, live strong. t
FOX News
Jan 6, 2013 1:00pm PST
brand. they are going to say how did it diminish it. nike still endorses michael vick. >> gregg: were you representing lance armstrong would you tell him not to confess? >> undoubtedly. >> i'm always for telling the truth. [ laughter ] >> gregg: you are always for telling the truth. isn't that interesting and unfortunately we are out of time. i would have pursued that. [ laughter ] >> gregg: i need more of that. good to see you both. >> jamie: that scope of questioning, take it outside kids. this year has been tough. there has been so many high profile tragedies to reported and gun control advocates and fuming even louder. where does it leave lawful gun owners? we will have a fair and balanced debate you won't want to miss. that is next. droid dna augmentation initiated. vision expanding to a 5-inch 1080p hd display and camera. touch acquiring nfc. hearing evolving with beats audio. wireless charging activated. introducing droid dna by htc. it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself. >>. >> jamie: as we reported the mass shootings in connecticut are sparking a new
Jan 15, 2013 7:00am PST
cannot come back in the way that other athletes like michael vick or tiger woods have. >> thanks for reporting this morning. >>> now, josh with the other top stories. >> good morning to all of you. we're going to begin with breaking news. major turmoil this morning for america's most important ally in the fight against terrorism. tens of thousands of people in pakistan are protesting in the streets, furious at corruption in their own government. and just this morning, pakistan's highest court ordered the prime minister to be placed under arrest. this is a move critics claim is unconstitutional. security forces, meanwhile, are standing on shipping containers to block access to parliament. they're firing guns and tear gas to hold back the crowds. we'll have updates as news warrants. >>> and now, to your money and a price spike at the supermarket. the cold snap bringing record low temps to the southwest is starting to drive up prices in the produce aisle. people across the country are already paying more for lettuce. prices, meanwhile, for broccoli and cauliflower are likely to rise
Jan 18, 2013 7:00am PST
at michael vick, he was out dog it fighting. if and the fans forgave him. >> and i understand he's an nfl camp in florida getting ready foyer the draft. >>> a police search in san jose for a suspected kidnapper, it's been called off. a mother who reported a kidnapping will be charged with making a false report. a mother claimed a man tried to snatch her 3-year-old daughter out side her home. the mother lay -- the mother later admit the she made up the -- admitted she made up the story when she was interviewed again. >> i'm really, really scared. i feel like, you know, do i need to move out or what? >> so far the police have not given us a motive in this case. they say she does have a criminal record. >>> it is 7:49. it seems as though oakland raiders' darren mcfadden will be staying in the east bay. he's under where the for one more. reggie mckenzie says she's confident that he will play the final season of his contract. he's averaging less than three and a half yards in each of his carries. he believes the offensive system the raiders used last season did not best utilize his skills. >>
Jan 15, 2013 9:00am PST
lewis, michael vick, roger clemens at end of his career, barry bonds, when you choose to come forward says everything about how the public will forgive you. if you go back on to the field and achieve and perform, the playing field is like lords, you dip yourself in, it forgives all sins. if you do at the end of the career you're labeled with a drug cheat and much more difficult, no matter how many good works to in turn be forgiven. >> i don't know how he gets over this. he was a cancer survivor, the whole livestrong, the whole movement he had behind him in the country. dave, thanks for your perspective. more in the next hour on the disgrace, the fall of lance armstrong. >>> also following international stories. pakistan's government under fire on two fronts. first the supreme court ordered the arrest of the country's prime minister, number of officials over corruption allegations. the second, you've got protesters they have filled streets of the capital in islamabad. they are on the main boulevard leading up to the president's residence, the national assembly and the supreme court led
Jan 18, 2013 3:00am PST
. >> michael vick? >> someplacing in the nfl, they have records and they have done things way worse than what manti te'o may have done or probably did. but where this makes a difference, i think, is an nfl team will draft him, but he is probably going to have a really hard time with endorsements and you can make a lot of money off of endorsements. so i mean who is going to want to have him endorsing their product if this turns out to be true? >> he may find it easier to get a boyfriend now. >> there is that. >> brendan is calling from philadelphia. what do you see say? >> this is all about the high schoolman. this is not aboutheisman. this is not about. let me tell you why i think that. if he was covering up the fact that he didn't have a girlfriend and he didn't want people to find out, he is a mormon. he could play the mormon card all day long. the problem is that's a real boring story when it comes to the heismann trophy. so he had to cook up this personal tragedy thing with this friend of his. if you read the article, he is so tied in with this kid that
FOX News
Jan 30, 2013 6:00am PST
'll have michael vick, cam newton, joe thighsman, arian foster and more. >> steve: what a show! >> brian: i hope so. news alert. a tense hostage standoff going on 14 plus hours. we have a live look at midland city alabama. this is the southern part of the state where police say a man snatched a child off the school bus after shooting and killing the driver of that bus. swat teams and fbi officers a surrounding a underbrowned bunker where the man is holding a 6-year-old boy since yesterday afternoon. what a gripping story. i'm bill hemmer. well to "america's newsroom". martha: what a tale unraveling here. good morning to you. gunman stormed on the bus, demanded a child, any child on that us about. he want ad child. he grabbed one and opened fire. all of this as other kids were looking on in horror. >> we were dropping some kids off and then a man that lived next door to them got on the bus and asked our bus driver if he wanted something and gave him a note. i don't know what happened after that. he started telling him need ad kid because something about the law coming after him. he shot the
Jan 18, 2013 6:00am EST
. but this is -- >> oh, hey, i wish there were an ethics jail. michael vick actually spent time in prison. >> exactly. >> he's horrendous. what a bad guy. >> narcissist. >> yeah. >> anyway -- >> a bad guy. >> all right, jim, thanks. we'll see you in a while. >>> coming up, we'll get the last word from our guest hosts as we try to get over lance armstrong. we're back in a minute. >>> next week on "squawk box," some big names, ceo of hedge fund tbgx on capital, and austin ghoulsby, former economic adviser to president obama. plus live interviews with business big wigs. all next week starting at 6:00 a.m. eastern. what are you doing? nothing. are you stealing our daughter's school supplies and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my... this thing. i save money by using fedex ground and buy my own supplies. that's a great idea. i'm going to go... we got clients in today. [ male announcer ] save on ground shipping at fedex office.
Jan 7, 2013 3:00am PST
ten years. as you know, i'm an atlanta falcons fan. i saw michael vick do things the first two things in the nfl i've never seen any quarterback do before. that guy would be in midfield, he would have 11 guys coming after him, and he'd just look at them and laugh, plant his leg and break another direction. he couldn't do that after a couple of knee injuries. that's happening to rg3. i guarantee you, rg3 is not the athlete next year that he was this year because of what happened at the end of the game. we've seen it time and time again. knee injuries like that slow you down. maybe just that much. >> he can't play like this next season. forget what this injury, forget that game. >> he will if shanahan's his coach. >> can't. he will be done if he plays like that another season. >> if shanahan's his coach. let me tell you something. when you play in that third game in carolina, you've got to win it at all costs next year. because if you lose, you'll be 2-1. you get the point. i mean, you never, with a guy like this, this young, play for the now. >> and the line that he said he wanted to s
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